Honey: A ‘Go To’ Immune Booster

Colds, flu, Covid-19 and a host of other communicable diseases are a huge threat to those who have a weakened immune system. I’m somewhat a believer in home remedies. Rosemary to open…

Livin’ Good with Livengood

When Leah Livengood opened Greater Goods Marketplace, her goal was simple: provide quality products that were good for the environment as well as our global communities. As you peruse the shelves you’ll…

Arts Walk Image

What to Expect: 2019 Fort Smith Arts Walk

Since 2018, the Fort Smith Arts walk has been ‘inspiring community and art’. “I’m hoping we can also get some more hands on technics this go around. Last arts walk we had…

Creating Your Outdoor Living Space

Spring is finally here! After a long, cold, rainy winter, it is finally warm enough to escape the house for some long-awaited sunny days! Now that warmer temps have arrived, we wanted…

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