Never in my lifetime has a visit to Dumas, Arkansas been on my bucket list. But, like most small southern towns, there is a treasure tucked away in downtown Dumas - Miller's Mud Mill. Thirty some years ago Gail Miller

Supply / Demand is a Music and Art Experience that will take over The Bakery District (Formerly The Shipley Baking Company) on November 25, 2017, starting at 7:00 PM. Supply / Demand will benefit the newly opened Riverview Hope Campus. Guests are encouraged to bring items listed below to donate to the Hope Campus.

 On many days, I arrive at school in time to say good morning to a young father who holds one child by the hand as he pushes a toddler in a stroller. One such recent morning, we both arrived as the sky opened up to shower us with liquid blessings.

Civitan International has been around since its 1917 beginnings in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1920, Civitan was established as an international organization. Today, there are more than 30,000

The headline “Sisters extend welcome” is as appropriate today as it was a quarter century ago. The Sisters of Mercy are still welcoming retirees to Mercy Crest, and the story continues. Mercy Crest Assisted Living and the Sisters of Mercy at McAuley Convent are

 After many years of scientific data, studies and evaluation, we all know what musicians have been saying for thousands of years. Music is good for you!

Chris Bagley is no stranger to hard work. And he’s not afraid of it--neither the manual labor nor the summer heat. Chris is the owner of Bagley Lawn Services, a Van Buren business dedicated to providing superior lawn maintenance, cleanup, and landscaping for residential and commercial customers.

It was love at first sight. He courted her until she graduated high school. After more than 71 years of marriage, these two are obviously still in love. So much that they still enjoy their Thursday date nights - a tradition since their first meeting when he was 19 and she a teenage girl of 15. 


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