Develop Your Workforce with Temporary Hires: Outsourcing can save your business both time and money.

It is not unusual for businesses to require the use of temporary employees. A CPA may need to hire temps during tax season. Manufacturers may need temps during peak production periods. A retailer often hires temps during holidays. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to hire temporary workers, keep in mind some important actions.

Before you hire Did you ever work for somebody who ran a “Help Wanted” ad or began an interview process without informing the current employees? In a large corporation that might not be a big concern. In smaller businesses, it’s a good idea to give a heads up to your permanent employees.

Planning  When bringing on temporary workers you’ll want to plan ahead – especially if you’re bringing on multiple people.

    • Workspace: Be sure you know in advance where the temp employee will be working. Will they occupy a private work station or float from one area of the company to another? Will the temporary work station interrupt the workflow of others?
    • Responsibilities: Have a specific job description for the temp. This will eliminate confusion for the temp as well as permanent employees.
    • Training: Know who is going to train the temp. Will it be a supervisor or will another employee be taking time from their jobs to train the new person?
    • Financial: Remember, hiring more people is going to rearrange the company financials. Be sure the company is financially prepared to take on additional employees. Do a cost analysis and know upfront that this is going to improve your bottom line.
    • Duration: Temporary employees will want to know how long the job might last. If possible, be prepared to offer a start and end date. If there is any training requirement prior to the first day on the job, be sure to take that time into consideration.

The process  The interview and hiring process can be time consuming. There will be applications to screen, interviews, reference checks and possibly drug screening. Unless you have a human relations department or super secretary to complete some of these tasks, you may want to consider using the services of a temporary employment agency.

Five reasons employers are using temporary workers:

      • SPMI is finding more employers using a temp to perm-hire process for efficiency in recruiting, screening and hiring a candidate

      • Saves on job advertising dollars

      • Reduce Risk – shift direct and potential risk away from company for legal compliance with ACA, W/C, health insurance, unemployment, and other considerations

      • Employee absences – illness, injury, vacations, and unexpected temporary demands or special projects

      • To fill both short and long term positions

Agencies take a lot of pressure off the hiring process, and they are easy to work with. Your agency will not only pre-screen applicants, but most will do your background checks (credit, criminal, MVR, educational, etc.). Both large and small businesses reap benefits from working through an agency.

On the job  The planning homework is complete. The temporary workers arrive for their first day on the job. Now what?

Since you’ve done your planning, you know what your temp’s job assignment is and you know who will be helping them get started. Go ahead! Introduce your new hires.

Some things you’ll want to remember:

      • Pair your new hires with the person(s) who will be doing the training
      • Make sure both the trainee and trainer know what job the new temp has been hired to perform
      • Foster an atmosphere for healthy learning and feedback. Make sure your new hires know what training facilities and manuals are available as learning resources
      • Chain of Command. Be sure temps know where to go to get questions answered relating to their job duties. You’ll want them to know who to call if they’re going to be late to work, or call in sick, etc. It’s almost unfair to “assume” they “should know.”
      • Foster an atmosphere of teamwork between the temporary hires and permanent employees

This may all seem fairly elementary. But, often business owners are so busy running their businesses that they forget what it’s like to be the “new kid.” Most new workers are a little anxious when starting a new job. The fact that the work is temporary does not take away the anxiety. As the business owner, you set the tone as to how well permanent employees will work with the temps you hire.

Tammy Barthel

By Tammy Barthels

Tammy S. Barthel has spent more than 30 years in the human resources field. For the past 18 years she has been the Human Resource Director at SPMI in Van Buren, delivering employment solutions to businesses across the U.S. She holds degrees in accounting, human resource development and management. She holds certifications as a Senior Certified Professional and the Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional. She is a licensed agent in Arkansas for life and disability insurance. 


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