The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is at an epidemic level and its impact extends far beyond the individual diagnosed with the disease.  

Everyone has heard it. “You can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job.” It’s one of those conundrums that can leave many graduates in a quandary.

Over the last few years the rising cost of college education and student debt has generated a lot of heated discussion.  In this climate of anxiety, trade schools or vocational/technical (vo-tech) schools have emerged as alternatives to traditional colleges.

Nancy Walters has spent a lifetime in sales--her grown-up lifetime that is. She understands the importance of honest, sincere interest in the customer. Whether selling yellow page ads, a set up at the local pub, or baby clothes in a department store, core principles never change.

Develop Your Workforce with Temporary Hires: Outsourcing can save your business both time and money.

UAFS College of Business: Dr. Ashok Subramanian, Dean of the College of Business, explains the economic and social aspects the University brings to our community 


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