Doctors Trevor and Rachel South are two veterinarians who not only share their love for their profession, but for each other as well.

They created the River Valley Animal Hospital--a veterinary clinic that stands out. The difference is apparent as this dynamic duo breathes life into their vision.

Inside, visitors are immediately struck by the clinic’s uniqueness. The warm ambience of the entry area along with a friendly greeting from the receptionist are welcoming. Animal paintings galore adorn the walls, providing an environment that feels comfortable and safe.

Extended hours reveal the passion Trevor and Rachel share in caring for animals and meeting customer needs. The River Valley Animal Hospital stays open seven days a week, and on some days, as late as 9 p.m. The clinic opened January 2, 2017, and business has grown daily.

The 7,000 square foot clinic has numerous functional areas. In the back, stables house large animals such as horses and cows. Inside, furry patients have access to state of the art lab testing, operating rooms, an ICU, quarantine stations and more. Rachel and Trevor are so devoted to the care of pets and owners alike that they have a comfort room. This homestyle room is used for families wishing to visit a pet hospitalized for extended days of care. It also serves as a place of comfort with a quiet home-like environment for last goodbyes.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep or ferret these knowledgeable vets have the know-how to care for almost any animal that comes through the door. Up to date technology like the IDEXX therapy laser can reassure you that your pet has access to the best care possible.

“The therapy laser stimulates blood flow and tissue growth and joint healing for pets with osteoporosis. We also use it for post-surgical treatment, and many other health benefits. Laser therapy expedites the healing process,” Trevor explained.

Dog struck by a snake? River Valley Animal Hospital has you covered. It’s the only clinic in this area to carry snake antivenom for dogs and horses. The next closest carrier they know of is as far as Springdale.

The next time your horse tangles with a snake, or your dog gets fleas, or when any of your pets need some care, it’s time for action. Call and pay a visit to Drs. Rachel and Trevor South at the River Valley Animal Hospital, 400 Frontier Road. Barling. telephone. 479 242-7824.

By Benjamin Gray

Photos by Jarred Hurlocker
Benjamin Gray is a 10th grade student at Future School of Fort Smith. Ben served as an intern with B-Savvy Magazine this spring semester. Ben accepted the internship at B-Savvy as an opportunity to expand and better his innate writing skills.


How It All Began--River Valley Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital

Ivy Owen

Dr. Trevor South walked into the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority offices one day and told me he and his wife, Rachel, who is also a veterinarian, wanted to open a new clinic at Chaffee Crossing. They had been recently married and were recent graduates of veterinary school. At the time Trevor was running his large animal practice out of his truck and Rachel was working at a local animal hospital.

They had driven around and seen all the development going on at Chaffee Crossing and wanted to be part of it. They also liked the openness of the area and knew they needed some space. We connected them with our realtor, Bob Cooper of Ghan & Cooper Commercial Properties, and then the project really took off.

They looked at existing buildings and land all over the development before they finally settled on property along Frontier Road. It has proved to be the perfect high visibility location for them. It’s in close proximity to I-49 with easy access to Greenwood and underserved communities east of Fort Smith. The capital investment for the clinic totaled about $1.5 million and it has turned out to be a very good one for these young doctors and the community.

By Ivy Owen

Ivy Owen is the executive director of Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority in Fort Smith. He is on the board of the National Community Development Council, a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern Economic Developers Council, the I-49 International Coalition, the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, the River Valley Regional Intermodal Transportation Authority, the Fort Smith Trolley Museum, and the Chaffee Crossing Historic Preservation Organization. 


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