Elisa Cossey was born to be an artist. Looking back at her childhood she cannot remember a time in which she was not creating something. As a child it was called “play.” As a young adult it became “arts and crafts.” Today, Elisa’s eye for beauty and love for creativity has elevated her craft to that of “artisan.”

Doctors Trevor and Rachel South are two veterinarians who not only share their love for their profession, but for each other as well.

Creative skill and imagination to produce works that are appreciated for their beauty or emotional power is one summation of Art -- a subjective human experience.  Meet Jarred Hurlocker, 15, and a tenth-grade student at Fort Smith Future School who plays electric guitar, and most notably aspires to a life of art production.  "Art and music have always been neck and neck for me because both are creative ways to express yourself," a shy Jarred explained.

You Know Her as Claudia: The inspiring story of Claudia Catlett.

Many have heard his music. He divides his time between performing, songwriting and recording. Right here in the area and beyond.


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