Blurry-eyed I make my way to the kitchen at this 6 a.m. hour. Flipping the coffeemaker “on” switch, I’m vaguely aware that this is THE day.

Across town here is a work crew loading up and heading out to create a bigger than life play day for the kids at my child’s preschool. This is the day my 4 year-old Layla has been jabbering about for a week now. It’s a fun day - bouncing, climbing, sliding and splashing. This is a day for Kids Play!

Much like the winter holidays, summertime changes the natural rhythm of the workday. Employees have the additional challenge of making the summer fun - and safe - for their children. No matter the company size, the workplace is affected by the slower pace of summer. Smart companies use this change in routine for their benefit. It’s a great opportunity to bring work and employees together for fun.

Kids Play adds to the dimension of your company’s family day. With bigger than life inflatables, you can add variety to your event with activities for all ages. Smaller inflatables for the younger kids and gigantuan for the older. Give your event a Minion or Frozen movie theme. Add popcorn and music. Adjust your event to the space available.

Inflatables not only add an activity center for your company event, but they add color and an air of excitement. And, they are safe.

Company events that incorporate family fun play bring your employees together as extended family. They allow an opportunity to get to know each other outside the office setting. They allow for the forming of friendships - friendships that create teamwork. Friendships that create a cohesiveness to “get the job done.” Friendships that create loyalty - to each other - and your company as well.

Summer is here. Let the party begin! For more information on Kids Play and how they can make your company’s summer family day safe and fun, call 479-471-5758. Visit for more information.

By Colleen Perry

Colleen Perry is the editor and publisher of B-Savvy Magazine. As a project manager for a niche publisher, she has worked with businesses across the country to help them tell their individual stories and develop marketing tools and strategies. As B-Savvy’s editor she has a strong commitment to delivering content that is relevant and useful in today’s business climate. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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