Are you standing in line waiting your turn? Are you waiting to be recognized for the good work you do in the office? Feeling unappreciated for the extra effort that goes unnoticed? Are you waiting for the “right time” to introduce a new idea to the boss? Are you wanting to start your own business but not sure the timing is right--or that you can afford to give up the security of a guaranteed paycheck?

If you are feeling or experiencing any of the above (and who doesn’t from time to time)-- this book is for you. 

The freedom to choose. The choices we make. The opportunities presented. The fear of failure. Godin presents a fresh approach to how we perceive freedom. What does “I have no choice” really mean? And what about the fear of failure that society has taught us to avoid at all cost?

This book is so appropriate for the climate of Self-Ownership that is currently evident in the River Valley communities. In every community sector we see individuals gathering like-minded people into groups who are taking their turn, who have ceased waiting on “somebody” to improve their neighborhood. 

We see the private sector money building the bridges needed to add value to an industrial development. Business owners are pulling together to bring consumers into their shopping districts. Across the region, leaders of all ages, from all socio-economic groups and political persuasions are coming together to seize the opportunity to make life better for countless others.

Yes, we know that some of these efforts might not work. And no, we do not want to fail. Yet, we are in this movement together. And the vision of a better community outweighs the fear of failure. 

It is your turn! Your turn to make a difference. Your turn to achieve your dreams. Your turn to take a risk. Your turn to experience the freedom that comes with choosing to risk. It’s your turn to ride the roller coaster. 

Read Godin’s book, take lessons from the pages and dare to take your turn!

By Colleen Perry

Colleen Perry is the editor and publisher of B-Savvy Magazine. As a project manager for a niche publisher, she has worked with businesses across the country to help them tell their individual stories and develop marketing tools and strategies. As B-Savvy’s editor she has a strong commitment to delivering content that is relevant and useful in today’s business climate. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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