Blurry-eyed I make my way to the kitchen at this 6 a.m. hour. Flipping the coffeemaker “on” switch, I’m vaguely aware that this is THE day.

The concept of entrepreneurship has been defined in many ways. A common thread that runs through all definitions is that an entrepreneur is one who starts a new business, organizes its activities, assumes all its risks, and works for herself/himself.

The dictionary would defines beauty as, “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Catwalk model, Shannon McFarland, might give beauty new meaning.

The holiday season is fast approaching. With it comes a plethora of holiday parties and gatherings. Everyone knows that the best way to have the best party is to have the best food! That’s where your oh-so-talented and handy caterer comes in.

Summer offers a great opportunity to catch up on pleasure reading. Now that you don’t have to pour over textbooks, those lazy rainy days can be spent with a book that can take you on a fantastical journey, intrigue you with mystery or scratch the
corners of your mind. This is an excellent time to explore the local library or head out to your favorite book store.

The Internet is a dangerous place. It is used by modern criminals to launch cyber-attacks on unprotected businesses.  From ransomware to phishing to fraudulent transactions, hackers are looking to access your files and steal confidential data. 


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