Years of enthusiasm, education and experience have finally culminated in this new chapter in your life. You've dreamt about this opportunity and prepared for great success. Your friends, family, and

Years of enthusiasm, education and experience have finally culminated in this new chapter in your life. You've dreamt about this opportunity and prepared for great success. Your friends, family, and business associates are all excited for you. All the groundwork is complete and you are finally ready to do business. 

Now you want the world to know. There is no right or wrong way but there is an educated and an uneducated way. Understanding some things about the marketing and promotion industry is important. 

This can be somewhat complicated. For starters, think about the variety of ways to inform the market that you are open for business. All of these different ways fall beneath the marketing and promotion umbrella.

Advertising  This is certainly a tried and true way to let people know who you are and what you have to offer. These days there are so many options available that deciding which to use can be daunting. Television, radio, internet, direct mail, magazine publications… the list goes on. Each of these can benefit you in different ways. Each requires your attention to determine the best options for your situation and particular goals.

Telemarketing  Many times your market is just a phone call away. A good telemarketing effort can yield results and help to establish a personal relationship - providing your telemarketers are of the human variety. This too requires your attention and investigation to understand the telemarketing industry and its benefits. Should you hire your own staff? Should you pay an outsource service? Should it be a local firm or would an international firm suffice? These are only a few considerations when contemplating this avenue.

Word-of-mouth  Said to be the best form of promotion, this can certainly be the most effective if you have the time to wait for the results. If people are talking about your products or services, it means you've made an impression. Just make sure it was a good one. The old saying that any publicity is good publicity just isn't true.

Public relations  Getting involved with community activities is a great way to promote your business. The idea that you care about your neighbors enough to sponsor an event or contribute to their wellbeing will go a long way. This opens the door for good publicity since media outlets are willing to share the story.

Direct marketing  This might be one of the most effective ways for you to reach your target market. If your market is narrow, and you don't need to cast a broad net, then consider launching a direct mail or e-blast campaign. This should target a demographic based on variables that define your audience.

Internet platforms  These marketing avenues open doors that you might not have thought about. Technological evolution puts you in touch with possibly millions of people and other businesses. Otherwise, you might never be able to reach these. From social media to video channels to custom web sites, there are plenty of opportunities to think about in this vein.

This is a basic overview of marketing channels. It can help put some perspective on an industry that is both deep and wide. The important marketing part of any successful business endeavor should not be taken lightly. Handled properly, and with earnest forethought, you can expect positive results.

On the other hand, if not considered seriously and if put off until late in the game or with insufficient fiscal commitments, it can turn into a costly expense rather than a wise investment.

By Royce Fitzgerald
With over 30 years experience in the advertising and design industry, Fitzgerald currently owns and operates Four Leaf Creative, Inc. in Fort Smith AR. Since 2006, the company has served a wide variety of clients locally and nationally.




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