Skin. It’s your body’s largest organ, its first line of defense. It tells the story of your life. The skin acts as a tattletale—announcing to the world your physical and emotional health. Its very appearance changes based on the natural hormones produced by the body, as well as the elements and chemicals to which it is exposed.

 Angela O’Neal has been working in skincare for close to three decades. She is the owner of Ageless Beauty and specializes in advanced skincare. She is a self-described innovator in the field of skin care as well as specializing in laser hair removal for both genders and premature hair loss in women (alopecia). She is passionate about her work and committed to results. Her clients are young and old, women and men. Teens with angry acne that has produced facial scarring. People suffering with hair loss due to stress, aging, or medical treatments. Others are men and women with hair in unwanted places. Still others simply want to look their best without undergoing surgical procedures.

“We not only work with our clients here at the spa, but insist they do their part at home,” Angela points out. “When we do an office procedure, the client needs to follow treatment protocols at home. Otherwise the procedure will not produce the desired results.”

The back bar at the spa is full of Prana and Clear Choice products, all available for sale. Each product is designed to maximize treatment results. For example, botanical and precious metal serums replenish nutrient loss due to diet and aging. These serums help to restore collagen and natural hydration, which strengthen the skin’s elasticity. Many of those products are the same used in treatment protocols.

Recent studies have suggested the average American woman will spend upward to $300,000 over a lifetime on skincare and beauty products (Sissi Johnson, Huffington Post, March 6, 2017).  Surprisingly, men are equally consumed with skincare and grooming products. No matter the gender or the age, we humans are willing to put a lot of money into how we look. Money that, over a lifetime of spending, would purchase an impressive home here in the River Valley.

In the aftermath of a scorching summer and looming winter, it seems fitting to talk about skin. What are some of the things we can do at home to keep it healthy? When is it time to engage a professional for help? Here are some answers.

5 things you can do daily for healthy skin:

    1. Cleanse daily and follow with the appropriate serums and moisturizers.
    2. Diet is possibly the number one requirement for healthy skin. Diets that include nutrient rich foods produce healthier skin. Fast foods, chips, sweets, processed meats and cheeses, and breads not only offer empty calories, but contribute to all sorts of unwanted skin problems like acne and premature aging. Omega-3s are especially valuable to the skin and can be found in foods like salmon, flaxseed, nuts, and whole grains. Vitamin rich, skin-healthy spinach and berries are rich in antioxidants.
    3. Hydration from the inside out is more valuable than the addition of outer moisturizers. How do you hydrate? It’s comes back to diet—what you put in your body. Your body needs one to two liters of liquid, preferably water, per day. You should also include some healthy foods. You can absorb the liquid from fruits and vegetables, which will help boost the liquid you’re already drinking. Hydration begins with diet. 
    4. Exercise increases blood flow to the body, and that includes the skin. Regular exercise benefits skin in the same way it benefits the heart and lungs.
    5. Relax. Stress is a part of life. Learn to manage it by making sure you get the sleep you need. When you feel your stressors mounting, STOP. Take a deep breath. Relax. Stress can cause an acne flare ups, blemishes, dry skin, puffy eyes, rashes and hives.

These are simple things we can all do daily that will help our bodies produce healthy, more radiant skin. But what happens when our bodies and skin are abused by the elements, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and stress? Even healthy skin can benefit from professional skin care. Abused skin requires professional care in order to regenerate into a healthy vital organ.

Angela invites our readers to stop in at Ageless Beauty for a free skincare consultation at 3501 Old Greenwood Rd. You can call for an appointment 479-646-SKIN (7546) or visit them online at


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