1. Exercise. Run, walk, yoga, cross-fit, swim. Whatever form of exercise you choose, research confirms exercise is not only a mood enhancer, but therapeutic in the treatment of anxiety and clinical depression. Just 5 minutes of exercise is sufficient to chase away the blahs. A regular exercise routine becomes therapeutic.

  2. Create. Write, paint, dance, sing, draw, play an instrument. The very act of creating, whichever creative outlet you choose, enhances mental health by decreasing negative emotions, anxiety, and depression.

  3. Play. It’s not just for kids. Research shows that play helps adults improve brain function, relieve stress, improve relationships and boost creativity. Revisit those games from childhood, enjoy them with your kids…kick the can, hopscotch (can you still hop on one foot?), hide-and-seek. What was your most fun playground game as a kid? Go do it!

  4. Unplug. Especially at night. Research shows that late night use of cell phones and computers contribute to sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. Unplug and enjoy your friends, family, events and surroundings. Unplug and listen to the birds and crickets. Unplug and feel the sun and wind on your face. Unplug and feel alive and engaged.

  5. Meditate. This is not the same thing as prayer. Meditation is a conscious decision to slow your breathing, be still and be at peace. It is a discipline that pays off in huge health dividends. Meditation relieves depression and anxiety. It improves critical thinking, boosts your immune system and refines your ability to focus.

Stress (aka anxiety) and depression rob us of the joy in living. They are also emotional blocks that we can control with a change in behavior. We can add a whole host of behavioral changes to this list, but, for now, we’re leaving it up to you to seek out those activities that boost your energy as you achieve joy and peace in living a balanced life.

Mental health. It’s as important as a balanced diet. Your mental health affects you, the people around you and the work you perform.




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