Skin. It’s your body’s largest organ, its first line of defense. It tells the story of your life. The skin acts as a tattletale—announcing to the world your physical and emotional health. Its very appearance changes based on the natural hormones produced by the body, as well as the elements and chemicals to which it is exposed.

Many conditions have symptoms similar to dementia. Strokes, depression, excessive long-term alcohol consumption, infections, hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies and brain tumors can cause dementia-like symptoms. Many of these conditions can be treated, so it is important to differentiate dementia from other conditions.

Statistics show that only about 10% of Americans die suddenly. The remaining 90% of deaths are characterized by a protracted life-threatening illness. The odds are that most us will be faced with…

The audiologists at the Center for Hearing Ltd. know how much hearing loss can affect a person--both physically and emotionally.

As I looked around the yoga room, a 40-year-old man held a handstand in the front row. Behind him a woman in her sixties stood on one leg in a difficult pose called Warrior 3, the rest of her body suspended in space.

Of all the exciting new things you can do this summer, we have a bit of a throwback, with a wicked twist. Remember when you learned to ride a bike?


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