Depression is common. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an estimated 16.1 million American adults and 3 million adolescents experienced depression in 2015, affecting 6.7% of adults and 12.5% of adolescents. Unfortunately, depression discourse must also include the topic of suicide. 

Every single day in the Arkansas River Valley, people are faced with sexual assault and domestic violence. It’s not just scenes you see on television. And it’s not just happening in some faraway locale. It’s reality, and it’s here and now.

We are born with the seed of self-esteem already planted within us. It’s dormant at birth, but it will be awakened as the child discovers the world. Self-esteem begins to grow in the soil of experience, watered with feedback at every turn.

Massage is not just for pampering. Those who claim this are depriving themselves of the overall benefits of massage. It is part of a much broader spectrum of therapies focused on physical and mental relaxation.

Occupational medicine (OM) is continuing to see the rise of the aging worker. Some estimates are suggesting a 38% increase in the workers age 55 years and older from 2010 to 2020. As the aging workforce increases, so does the increase in injuries associated with physical labor, especially the back.

Mental Health: 5 magical techniques to reduce stress and chase away the blues.


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