64.6: Rediscover Downtown Across the nation, downtowns are the heartbeats of communities. Visitors evaluate the core of a city, whether they’re tourists, potential investors, or professionals considering relocation. By promoting a vibrant Fort Smith downtown, we’re not competing against businesses in other parts of town. Instead, we’re elevating our collective image, from afar and here at home.

Imagine you’ve just started your first job. You’re probably just out of school, and much of the time, you don’t know what to do. You’ve never learned some of the real world skills needed to succeed. You have no help. It’s all up to you. It is scary - and a bunch of pressure.

Most of the jobs created in this country are created in small businesses. Locally, Chaffee Crossing is at the forefront of business growth and job creation.

Where do you go "when you're alone and life is making you lonely?" What's on the horizon to support a vibrant downtown business community?

Taking its name from the plat that first laid out the city in 1837, Van Buren Original (VBO) was formed two years ago by business and civic leaders.

Chaffee Crossing: Report from Ivy Owen, Executive Director, Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority


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