Strategic Planning – A Critical Activity

It is conventional wisdom in business circles that Strategic Planning is a time-honored business exercise that is instrumental in developing and articulating a strategy, and translating the strategy into a series of initiatives and /activities such that every activity is motivated by some aspect of the strategy. The dogma of strategic planning is so deeply embedded that we rarely realize that Strategy and Planning are two fundamentally different activities with very different objectives.

A step by step guide to passing on the family business.

An important program for industry is preventive maintenance for facilities and machinery.  Preventive maintenance programs accomplish more than the routine servicing of equipment.

Family businesses play a very significant role in our economy. They provide over 62% of our nation’s employment and 78% of all new job creation. Working in a family business when you aren’t part of the family can have benefits as well as challenges that make it quite different from working in a large corporation.

Dangers of Growing Your Business to Fast: Slow growth will put your business on a solid financial foundation.

Get ready. The coming months of 2016 can spell the difference between success and failure. It's up to you and the market you serve.


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