e at B-Savvy Magazine offer to you our greatest thanks for having picked up (or opened online) and taken the time to read our very first issue, our baby. We hope you enjoy and find the articles informative, taking full note of those advertisers who support this magazine’s mission to bring timely information to the small business community of the Arkansas River Valley.

Not only as a magazine, but for all who work with and at B-Savvy Magazine, we have a personal interest in Fort Smith and the River Valley communities. We chose this spot to publish. It wasn’t happenstance, it wasn’t luck. We looked at and evaluated other cities and business communities where we might establish our magazine and chose...here.

We looked at and sized-up Arkansas’ River Valley. We saw it without prejudiced or jaded eyes, or rosecolored glasses. We are aware of what ‘used to be’. R.I.P. Whirlpool, please. 

We see the River Valley as having those overused and well-worn, if not worn out, “P”-words: Potential and Promise. But, those particular “P” words pale to Persistence. And it’s a persistence of optimism shown by a generation of experienced business people who are happily engaging the energy and enthusiasm of a following generation of business people and business people-to-be.

Fort Smith and the River Valley has genuine, terrific arts for all; it has family entertainment and grand history. There’s an exciting energy within the current business communities that long-time residents may not see as quickly as newcomers. It is real. This energy begets ideas and those ideas become small businesses. It’s not quite as simple as that, but that is the path, and B-Savvy Magazine is excited to be a part!

There’s an older story that goes: if General Motors stopped making cars tomorrow there would be some turmoil but you would, likely, be only slightly inconvenienced. You could find another manufacturer of fine automobiles or a good repair shop. But, if your dry-cleaners, barber/beauty shop closed their doors that would be a catastrophe. The real backbone of our community is small business.

B-Savvy is an advocate, an acolyte for small businesses. It is part of B-Savvy’s mission to participate within the community and to be a facilitator of information. We are excited to be able to do our work within the Arkansas River Valley communities and be a part of this energy that is spawning growth and excitement!

Welcome to B-Savvy Magazine.






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