What comes to mind when you think of a great salon experience? Do you want to look like that magazine picture? Do you feel unpretty and want to feel more self confident? Do you need to rant and vent and you know you'll get a listening ear from your stylist?

How does a poor black man from Fort Smith, Arkansas get to be a world traveler? For Walter Gregory Ahart it all began with the music--and his own God-given gift of voice.

Michelle Cernak was an Air Force brat. Born with ambition. At the age of 13 she emancipated herself, got on a Greyhound and headed off to make her own way. She went to school, worked and started a small business. She was a numbers geek. 

When you wake up in the morning what do you and your children think about?

Growing up in Hot Springs Village, Heather Rincon knew from an early age that she wanted to own a lady’s clothing store. Some days she imagined a full scale bridal shop. On others it was a trendy boutique. She didn’t know when, where or how that dream would come true. Her store was simply a young girl’s dream.

Downtown Van Buren is one of those quaint southern towns that is often full of surprises. Main Street offers a variety of stores to hold the interest of visitors. Nestled between an array of restaurants and retail shops is a unique gallery that is the home of Ralph Irwin’s Studio.


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