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Our cover photo was taken by 10th grade Future School student Jarred Hurlocker as part of his internship project with B-Savvy. Read Jarred's Music Scene stories on page 32.

Health & Wellness
Back X-rays vs. Functional Ability Tests

The best test for determining the functional ability of a prospective employee is to do a job specific functional ability test.

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Money Matters
Barter Platform Promotes Buy Local

Once upon a time, the country’s currency system was based on a gold standard. If you had gold, you had currency. Those without gold had to rely on another means of payment - trade.

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Marketing Trends Simplified

With the rise of social media marketing dominating the industry over the past five years, brands are struggling more than ever as they decide how to spend their ad dollars.

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Community Development
Van Buren Strides into the Future

Taking its name from the plat that first laid out the city in 1837, Van Buren Original (VBO) was formed two years ago by business and civic leaders.

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Beyond The Information Age: Big Data Analytics & the Cloud Explained

The term Information Age was coined sometime in the last couple of decades of the twentieth century.

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Money Matters
Big changes coming in credit card processing

If you use a computerized Point Of Sale (POS) system in your business, you face big time changes next year.

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Money Matters
Safe-Guarding Your Money: Is FDIC Insurance Enough?

Making your deposits at banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has given depositors a sense of peace for over eighty years.

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