"You can be smart, you can be sophisticated, but to be successful, you have to b-savvy!"

Business owners wear many hats. We are usually experts in one field, and often fly by the seat of our pants in other areas of our businesses. To some degree, common challenges to all businesses include cash flow, employee retention, product development, marketing, sales, and...the list goes on. The goal of B-Savvy is to offer a "safe-haven" for the open discussion of the challenges facing every entrepreneur. 

We want B-Savvy Magazine to become the venue that facilitates the sharing of information, ideas, concepts, knowledge and experiences while fostering an attitude that supports the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the local business community. Our hope is that our editorial content is relative to all business owners as they start, grow and maintain their healthy businesses.

We are not the experts. We are simply facilitators who put you in contact with the experts within our own community. There will be times when you, our website visitor, may be the expert, at other times the expert may be your neighboring business...or the one across town. These pages, are a forum that has been created to connect small and big business to make our community businesses strong and more successful. 

As you peruse our articles and stories, you'll notice they can be shared on social media. Please feel free to share! Feel free to leave comments and feedback on the stories presented here. Check out our Directory and rate those with whom you've had experience. Let others know when your fellow business owners are doing a good job. 

B-Savvy is here for the business community. If you have stories you'd like to share, be sure to contact us!

Thank you for your interest and feedback.

Welcome to B-Savvy!


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