You Know Her as Claudia: The Inspiring Story of Claudia Catlett

by: John C. Smiley

Perseverance. Persistence. Positivity.

Claudia Catlett can take your business to the next level

Another new business recently opened in Chaffee Crossing. But it’s not just another business. It’s a special operation growing out of the founder’s personal experiences. And it’s designed to help other business people.

Mitchell Catlett Solutions is the name of this operation. The focus here is all about figuring out what your business needs.  And the inspiration comes from Claudia Catlett. Her perseverance, persistence, and positivity following a horrific accident led her to where she is today.

Catlett was riding on the back of a motorcycle back in 2004. She had been recently honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. The motorcycle crashed, and a roadside guardrail ripped her left arm from her shoulder. Took it right off.

She arrived at the hospital, along with her severed arm, a severely damaged kidney and spleen, and a perforated stomach. She lost the arm, kidney, and spleen. The perforated stomach was repaired. She was just 23.

The road to recovery was long and, at times, frustrating. But she persevered with the positivity learned in the Marines. “There was an instilled attitude that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t adapt and overcome,” she explains.

The long road

Catlett’s rehabilitation period included lots of occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and several prosthetic arms. All the arms proved less than adequate. They were cumbersome, troublesome, heavy and completely lacking in fine-touch. They were yesterday’s appliances.

Meanwhile, life went on. She enrolled at UAFS and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in marketing with a minor in speech. It was 2011.

It was during all these challenges that she found the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Researchers there were working on a procedure to use nerve endings in the shoulder to communicate with a high-tech prosthesis, allowing brain activated movement and a sense of feeling. Instead of communicating with a phantom limb, Catlett could now think about moving her arm–and it moves. Soon, she will be fitted with her new high-tech prosthetic arm.

The new business

Catlett is a mixer of people, bringing together those who should know each other or who can benefit from knowing each other. She is a networker of all strata, professions and vocations. She engages with a pleasant, smiling face – often with humor and fun. Catlett knows people, locally and beyond–she’s done an interview with Oprah, and she’s worked with the Fort Smith Symphony as their development officer. It’s all part of her strength.

There is more to a business than simply reaching out to people. Mitchell Catlett Solutions can help business owners answer specific questions that can propel a business to new growth.

  • How does my business fit into the business landscape?
  • Where am I as an owner most comfortable with my business?
  • With whom do I WANT to work and do business with?
  • What is the VALUE of the services or products my business provides?

Does your business want and need the creative attention to the larger picture? Does it require attention to significant detail? Do you need somebody on your team who looks and thinks ahead?

Catlett formed Mitchell Catlett Solutions to mirror her life. She is the woman who admonishes, “Don’t forget my arm,” as first responders push her into an ambulance. She has endured with perseverance. She has pushed forward with persistence.  And always she has displayed an attitude of positivity.

Contact Claudia Catlett at Mitchell Catlett Solutions at 479-651-5759 and visit (website).

Colleen Perry
Colleen Perry

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