As summer fades and the days become shorter, we look forward to the fall season. Seasonal changes are nature’s way of balancing the annual flow of life.

Fall is a time that ushers in a new season for business – a push for fourth quarter profits. The holiday season highlights the last quarter of the year. It is a challenging time for all businesses.

For some, the holidays mean an increase in business opportunities. This often requires rethinking the current marketing strategy. Or, hiring extra help. Ordering fresh merchandise. Rearranging the stock. Dressing the windows. And always, always, keeping an eye on the money!

For others, this will be a season to slow down and prepare for the coming year. End of year reports. Financial statements. Renewing business contracts for 2017. Assessing the addition of new products or services. Phasing out old products and services.

Whatever the effect of the holidays on your business, one thing is certain. The holidays will be stressful times. For that reason, it is important to keep a healthy balance between work and those “other” aspects of life. BALANCE. Without it, we would be in what my mother described as a “mell of a hess.” That is why B-Savvy has added BALANCE as a new section. Business owners, as well as employees, need to maintain balance in the pursuit of successful work, healthy relationships and personal joy. It’s key to getting in tune with natural rhythms

Living in balance we not only succeed, but we thrive! We thrive in business. We thrive as a community. We thrive as individuals. BALANCE. Achieve it and thrive.

Success & Balance...Thrive!


Colleen Perry

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