Volvo Ocean Race Vestas 11th Hour Racing

Going to Extremes, Vestas 11th Hour Racing

The word “extreme” gets bandied about often these days, both in sports and the ever-expanding world of business. There’s even Extreme Post-It Notes. But few items or events actually live up to…

Suicide Despair

The Great Escape: A Suicide Story

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” Malala Yousafzai Suicide is often preventable, not always, but often. There is no one absolute thing that can point to why someone…

Scott Family Amazeum

The Amazeum: A Merging of Play and STEAM

Wonder. It happens when amazement and curiosity combine into an audible “wow” brought on by something unexpected and unique. It is visible on the faces of visitors to the Scott Family Amazeum…

perpetrated, hiding

Marsha Lane Foster: Beyond the Hostage Project

A woman’s body contorted to fit inside an empty television set.  That same woman dragging a ball and chain, with money wrapped around the ball. She is nude and curled into a…

Beth Templeton-Price, Vintage, Belle Starr Antiques

Antiquing: Vintage Is Always In

I eat, sleep, and breathe vintage life. Vintage is my passion and, thankfully, it is also my job. Seeing the look of excitement when someone finds that final piece for their collection or…


The Soundtrack of the Bicentennial

Musicians take the stage. The crowd applauds. Lights dim as instruments slowly bring into existence a beautiful swell of notes that linger over the now silenced auditorium. Not many moments compare to…

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