Beth Templeton-Price, Vintage, Belle Starr Antiques

Antiquing: Vintage Is Always In

I eat, sleep, and breathe vintage life. Vintage is my passion and, thankfully, it is also my job. Seeing the look of excitement when someone finds that final piece for their collection or…


The Soundtrack of the Bicentennial

Musicians take the stage. The crowd applauds. Lights dim as instruments slowly bring into existence a beautiful swell of notes that linger over the now silenced auditorium. Not many moments compare to…

Lainey Beach Cycling

Fashion: Destination Session

The idea for Destination Session came to photographer Ashley Lewis in the middle of the night. What if she could take girls all around the country shooting in multiple locations for an…

fashion, style, wardrobe

The Value of the Capsule Wardrobe

Entering the workforce or changing career tracks can be an exciting life event, but each has its own challenges and stressors.  In a culture where first impressions are key, what we wear…

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